Symbolic wedding in Tyrol

A symbolic wedding in Tyrol is very unique, beautiful and special! In this article we’ll show you what a symbolic wedding is, what is possible during a symbolic ceremony and why Tyrol is the perfect place for it! We are wedding planners in Tyrol and surrounding areas and we love symbolic weddings!



What is a symbolic wedding?


A symbolic wedding is an alternative to a ceremony in church. If you are not believing, if you and your partner have different religions or if you are looking for an outdoor place for your marriage, a symbolic wedding in Tyrol is your perfect choice!

Symbolic weddings are very personal and individual. It is all about you, your story, your dreams and your partnership. You decide what kind of structure you like, which rituals you like to include and what kind of music the musicians play. Do you prefer classical music, pop music or metal? It’s all fine – it’s your choice! No rules, no traditions and no one saying what you have to do and what you are not allowed to do.



What is possible during a symbolic ceremony?


Short answer: Everything!

The thing we love most about symbolic weddings in Tyrol is the fact that every ceremony is different. Depending on the couple’s character, story and dreams we adapt the structure and design something new.

If you wish we can be more traditional or we can include a party or an artist. You wish to include the guests a lot? No problem, we’ll find a way that makes sense for you and your guests.



Why is Tyrol the perfect spot for a symbolic wedding?


Tyrol is beautiful, this is common sense. Gigantic but gentle mountains, alpine meadows with colourful flowers, crystal clear lakes and the ringing of the cowbells make it a perfect place for saying YES to the love of your life.

You can choose between luxury hotels with mountain view, alps in the middle of the mountains, cosy chalets with fluffy blankets and a fire pit in winter or a barbecue in the forest in summer.

What is your favourite option?



As mentioned above we love symbolic weddings! And this is why we also work as speakers for symbolic ceremonies. It is always a pleasure to develop an individual wedding and to bring your love story into words!


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Yours Friederike and team

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